"What we learn to do, we learn by doing."

Thomas Jefferson

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Are you keen on discovering new (learning) territories? Maybe want to go where no one has (ever) gone before? Then why not embark – as a crew member – on a one year journey that might turn you or someone else upside down? Because that is what we offer. Our journeys are an opportunity to get inspired, whilst you discover what business agility is, and how it works in all its perspectives.

And you get to work on socially relevant challenges as well, creating thank you’s and love along the way…!

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Investing in the growth and development of your employees is important. That’s a given. And yet, HR directors, managers and executives question the return of sending people to conferences and short training interventions. What do they actually learn and how do they bring it back to the organisation?

The world of work needs to adapt to a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous context. Traditional training and education has not really prepared us for this task.

We offer a journey. Not the traditional conference or training day, but an immersive learning journey into agile working. Because we believe that before doing the things you learn, you need to learn them by doing them. So we focus on learning through practice and experience, in a timeboxed approach, with a limited but focused effort to make sure that your investment will offer your organisation an immediate and tangible return.

For us, agile is not just a method to deliver work faster. It is a mindset, a way of looking at business and organisational design. It’s about creating contexts that overcome complexity and silo-working. It needs to be experienced, not thaught.

What you'll get

  • An immersive learning experience for your employees
  • Mutual benefits from working in a team with people from other organisations
  • A whole year of coaching by 4 experienced coaches
  • Throughout the journey, participants will be stimulated to appply their learnings at work and share their feedback
  • A reflection with you and your participants on their personal journey and how they can integrate it into their personal and professional life.

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Sponsor a Journey

The babel journey offers an immersive learning experience that teaches companies core business agility concepts. Participating organisations benefit from this experience as their employees will bring back lessons learned, and applied, on agile thinking, design thinking, team dynamics and collaboration, and so on.

The journey starts when up to 10 participating teams of 5 people each select a topic to work on. These topics will be socially relevant problems or opportunities.

The journey in itself consists of two events (with approximately 100 - 150 attendees) and a series of coaching sessions and meetups (with approximately 50 attendees):

  • A public opening event with inspiring talks, topic selection and team composition.
  • A public closing event where the results and learnings will be shared.
  • In between these events, all teams will be going through 10 coaching sessions. 5 of these will be combined with a public meetup.

As a sponsor, you can help make this journey a success for our teams.

What you'll get

  • Brand visibility
    You will have options to present yourself during the various events and will be mentioned on our website and in all communications of the babel journey: mailings, social sharing, ….
  • Networking opportunities
    At each event, you can connect with the various teams and interested professionals.
  • Community goodwill
    You publicly support socially relevant projects and are visible at the forefront of business agility learning in Belgium. You demonstrate that you are making intrapreneurship, employee empowerment and corporate social responsibility a reality.

What you can help us with

  • Locations where we can host the coaching sessions for about 40 - 50 people.
  • Locations where we can host meetups for about 50 people.
  • Locations where we can host the two main events for about 100-150 attendees.
  • Startup budget for validation purposes: €1.000 per team.

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Support the babel journey.

Initiate a Journey

As an organisation you face a multitude of socially relevant challenges. You want to reach a certain destination, yet are uncertain how to accomplish this, are looking for new ways to get there, or are maybe out of budget?

Then you might want to do what TIPz did before you: describe your project and define the potential outcomes. We will try to find and build a crew that will make the journey memorable for everyone involved.

You will need to dedicate some time as well, be it as content expert fly-in, solution evaluation, or location host …

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Are you triggered by the concept of the babel journey, and would you like to organise something similar in-house?

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