A Different Look at Parkinson's
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Celine Berckmoes

Celine Berckmoes

I am an entrepreneur encouraging people with Parkinson's to participate in family life, at work, during leisure time and in the role of experienced member of the medical team.

My approach is characterized by intrinsic interdisciplinarity, human dialogue and self-direction.

With TIPz vzw, we recently succeeded in giving Parkinson's a different face by raising awareness and rethinking the pathology and what it does to a person’s life.

We would like to go one step further and strengthen people with Parkinson's and their loved ones in the challenges they face. We developed various services and products for this.

However, we are confronted with two challenges:

  • Denial, leading to a lack of demand. As long as there is no demand for help from people with Parkinson's or their loved ones, there is no market for our services and products.
  • A chronic disease causes chronic financial concerns. This is a barrier for many people to contact us and raises questions about the revenue model behind our services and products.

Can you help us find an answer to these questions? Roll up your sleeves to experiment and learn, supported by the four babel coaches.

  • Who exactly is our customer and what convinces him or her?
  • Through which channels can we reach our customer?
  • Can and should this type of care be free?
  • How we can make people with Parkinson's evolve from patient to experience expert actively participating in the treatment process?

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More info on Celines vision and TIPz' approach in this article (in Dutch).

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