The Babel Journey


  • Enjoy a 1 year journey
  • With a new, cross-organisational team
  • On a socially relevant topic
  • While experiencing true business agility
  • Supported by 4 seasoned coaches

Journey Timeline

  • 2|2020

    opening event

  • 3|2020

  • 3|2020

    10 coachings
  • 3|2020


  • 3|2021

    closing event

Check out the details of the babel journey.

Experience True Business Agility

"The speed and effectiveness with which an organisation can
generate new insights, adapt and respond to them."

Dan North

Who Should Participate ?

  • Are you looking for practical experiences around agile or the future of work?
  • Do you already have some work experience? Or are you a student or starter with lots of enthusiasm and energy?
  • Are you searching for something that counts? Something that is also relevant for society beyond your organisation?
  • Do you like to learn by doing?
  • And perhaps most importantly: Do you want to act and not just listen?

Whether you are a staff member, working in "the business" or "IT", HR, finance or any other department, if you want to experience the power of entre/intrapreneurship, the babel journey is for you!

Why Participate ?

  • as
    team member
    • 1 year of learning by doing
    • Accelerated growth by experienced coaches
    • Contributing to socially relevant projects
  • as
    • Participant driven track for your employees
    • Bring in knowledge by experience
    • Engaged employees
  • as
    • 1 year of visibility
    • Supporting socially relevant projects
    • Multiple participation possibilities


  • Karen
    Organisational development & team coach
  • Damien
    Agile coach
  • Timmy
    Finance coach
  • Filip
    Innovation coach

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