Frequently Asked Questions

Do I join individually or with a team ?

You register individually.

You will learn most from the Babel Journey as member of a cross-organisational team. It may be a bit out of your comfort zone, but it will provide you with new viewpoints.

You will join a team at the moment you decide to participate in the whole journey.

How will teams be composed ?

During the boot camp, all participants will pick a theme, an idea or a project they want to help realise.

All together, we will compose teams according to everyone's preferences.

Who Should Participate ?

  • Are you looking for practical experiences around agile or the future of work?
  • Do you already have some work experience? Or are you a student or starter with lots of enthusiasm and energy?
  • Are you searching for something that counts? Something that is also relevant for society beyond your organisation?
  • Do you like to learn by doing?
  • And perhaps most importantly: Do you want to act and not just listen?

Whether you are a staff member, working in "the business" or "IT", HR, finance or any other department, if you want to experience the power of entre/intrapreneurship, the babel journey is for you!

What is a socially relevant idea ?

Our keynote speakers will present their socially relevant ventures. You can come up with additional ideas for their projects, but we very much welcome you to follow your imagination.

Whether related to our climate, plastic in our oceans, poverty, stimulating learning, … any idea with relevance beyond your own organisation or company is a good candidate.

What if my employer does not allow me so much training time ?

We know the journey consumes quite some time, during but also on top of the journey meetups. Yet we are convinced that this is the most effective way to really experience all aspects of business agility.

However, that does not mean your employer needs to make the full investment. You can decide to join and dedicate some of your own free time to the Babel Journey. We believe your passion will drive you and your team forward to do so.

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