About Babel


The babel journey triggers
individuals, teams and organisations
to experience business agility
through socially relevant experiments
in a cross-organisational team
supported by experienced coaches

Our Ikigai

We want to create impact - on people - organisations - society.

We love to see people getting started, moving forward, even with small things.

We are convinced people share knowledge, learn and grow when coming together, crossing organisational, industry or other boundaries.

The world needs creative ideas to tackle problems that go beyond an individual, a company, a country. The challenging context of today asks for resilience and creativity. Traditional learning will no longer do the job.

We are seasoned professionals in coaching, innovation, and business agility. We bring inspiration and structure.

We are convinced that our babel journey can offer you and your organisation a stunning learning experience, some refreshing and new insights, in creating a safe and open context in which you can experience what it means to work together starting from who you are and what you bring, taking up ownership and response-ability to tackle one of the challenges and contribute to a real solution.

Itʼs not merely learning to learn, its learning to bring impact.

Karen, Damien, Timmy, Filip & Catherine

What Is Ikigai?

More info on Ikigai: Savvy Tokio.

Image source: How Do I?.

Historical Context

The story of the Tower of Babel explains the origins of the multiplicity of languages. Humans were divided into linguistic groups, unable to understand one another.

The babel journey helps finding a common understanding in working with teams on socially relevant themes.

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